Public Safety


Scott Donahue, Officer
Animal Control
Town of Irondequoit
1280 Titus Avenue
Rochester, New York
(585) 336-6052

Animal Control is responsible for the control and protection of common domestic animals and nuisance wild life for the Town of Irondequoit.

Irondequoit Police Department

Alan Laird
Chief of Police
Irondequoit Public Safety Building
1300 Titus Avenue

Dial “911” for Emergencies

The Irondequoit Police Department is the second largest town police force in Monroe County, New York. The officers of the Department protect and preserve the rights of the citizens and property owners of the town. The Department provides these services through the Road Patrol, Community Services Unit, and the Investigative Services Section, all with the support of civilian staff. The officers of the Department provide proactive enforcement of all of the laws of New York State, the Town of Irondequoit, Monroe County and the United States. The Irondequoit Police Department is accredited by the New York State Department of Criminal Justice Services, Office of Public Safety.

Irondequoit Ambulance and Fire Departments

Irondequoit Ambulance
Laurelton Fire Department
Point Pleasant Fire Department
Ridge-Culver Fire Department
Sea Breeze Fire Department
St. Paul Boulevard Fire Department