Hosting a Public Event? Here’s what you need to know:

In general, there are two common types of events governed by Town Code, both of which require the issuance of a permit from the Town.

This ensures that the Town is aware of a such large gatherings, primarily so that first responders have advance notification in the event of an emergency. Furthermore, for certain larger events, it is in the Town’s interest to ensure the organizer has appropriate insurance and the event will not cause an undue disturbance of the peace.

Block Party/Street Dance

The Town Code (Chapter 198-12) requires the issuance of a permit upon use of a street or highway for any street dance or party. In short, if a neighborhood wishes to temporarily close a street down for a block party or similar use, it needs authorization. This does not apply to events that take place on the premises of a property, but only when the nature of the event forces a street to be closed. This permit is issued by the Town Clerk.

To download the Application for a Block party, click here

Special Events

These are events that will generally draw larger amounts of people. Like a block party, they may involve temporarily closing down portions of a roadway (ie: road race). Such events include, but are not limited to: parades, road races, walks, festivals, shows, performances and carnivals.

Pursuant to Chapter 194 of the Town Code, Special Event licenses are issued by the Town Board, and must be received 6 weeks in advance of the event in order to provide adequate time for review, in conjunction with the Town Board meeting schedule.

Because of the liability of holding such a large event that is open to the general public, the Town does require a minimum of $1 million in insurance coverage.

The Town Board may deny an application for a special event if it determines the event would cause a nuisance or disturbance of the peace.

Perennial examples of Special Events in Irondequoit are the Shamrock Jack’s St Patrick’s Day Celebration; the I-Square Fall Festival and the St Josaphat’s Ukrainian Festival, as well as the various running races that occur in Town.

For more information about what type of permit you need to hold your event, please call our clerk’s office at 336-6045. There are two types of special event applications, based on the nature of the event.

To download the Special Event Application for Festivals/Carnivals/Events click here

To download the Special Event Application for Parades/Walks/Application click here