Community Mediation

The things our neighbors do can sometimes be a source of irritation and hostility -- from the way they maintain (or don't maintain) their property to the way they let their dogs bark all night long to the way their park their vehicles. Often, these minor annoyances are not addressed and silent resentment begins to build, leading to additional frustration, anger, and the threat of potential retaliation.

Talking with your neighbor is the best way to reduce the tension and solve the problem, but there are times when neighbors simply can't work out their disputes and must find some way to live together despite their differences.

That is where Community Mediation comes in. With the guidance of professionally trained and certified mediators, neighbors can come together in a neutral setting to resolve their dispute in a way that fosters creativity, communication, and compromise – and avoids the cost and hassle of the alternatives (lawsuits, police action, relocation, retaliation).

The Center for Dispute Settlement offers a full range of community mediation services to Irondequoit residents at a reasonable fee (generally $10 per party). For more information, please click here.

Please note that the Town is not the proper forum for resolving protracted conflicts between neighbors.

Again, most conflicts can be resolved by simply talking directly with your neighbor.

See our Steps to Resolution for information that may be helpful to you in addressing neighborhood concerns.

See also our Suggestions for Preventing Conflict with Neighbors for tips on living peacefully with your neighbor.

Simple consideration and appropriate communication with your neighbor may be all that is necessary to prevent conflicts from occurring or escalating.