Why Can't I Do What I Want On My Property?

Zoning laws, common in every community, are established to create a standard of living and protect property values. In highly populated suburban environments such as Irondequoit, these laws are essential in maintaining harmony and providing an attractive community to live, work and shop.

The town's zoning ordinance is not intended to take away the rights of property owners. Rather, the laws maintain our quality of life that make our town unique.

This information page is intended to inform our community of the standards created that make our town the best place to live in Monroe County. The responsibility lies with individual accountability in abiding by these standards.

Boats/Trailers/Campers/RV's - See §235-104 of Town Code at http://ecode360.com/6409167

Bulk Refuse; Household - Cannot accumulate for more than 7 days. Must be in containers with tight fitting lids stored behind the front line of dwelling. Cannot be put out for pickup sooner than the day before.

Bulk Refuse; Yard Debris - Waste hauler will pick up containerized or bundled yard debris with regular weekly pickup. Town picks up loose brush (no leaves) once in the spring and once in the fall. Call 467-1170 for your street's schedule.

Composting - All materials allowed to be composted are limited to fruits, vegetables, coffee grounds and yard waste. Compost containers must be no less than 3 feet from side or rear property lines and efforts must be maintained for an attractive appearance and keep odors to a minimum.

Driveways - Maximum paving area is 35% of the front yard. Driveways must be a dust free surface such as asphalt or concrete. A highway permit is required prior to enlarging the apron.

Dogs and cats - Each household is allowed two dogs and three cats. Dogs must be licensed with Animal Control.

Doors/Windows - Doors and windows must be maintained in good condition and weather tight.

Dumping - Dumping or disposing of debris on the property of others is prohibited.

Environmental Districts - These districts have been established to protect the natural features of the town such as steep slopes, wooded areas, wetlands and drainage ways. If you have any of these features on your property, you may be restricted in the placement of structures or trees you can remove. It is best to contact the Planning or Building offices at 467-8840 for detailed information.

Exterior Surfaces - Surfaces subject to rot must be covered with a protective coating such as paint or stain.

Garage Sales - Garage sales are limited to 2 weekends a year. Please remember to remove your signs after the sale.

Grass and Weeds - Grass must be maintained on a regular basis. Noxious weeds must be controlled/removed. The town, after proper notification, can contract to have unmaintained grass/weeds cut at the owners expense.

Home Occupations - In-home offices are allowed as long as they are incidental to the residential use, there is no advertising, no employees, no customers to the property, and no deliveries other than normal mail and parcel delivery services. Outdoor storage of material and equipment is not allowed.

House Numbers - House numbers must be 5" in height on a contrasting background. Must be numeric in format and visible from the road.

Parking - Parking of vehicles on the lawn area is prohibited. Vehicles must be parked on areas designated for parking, such as a driveway.

Vehicles - Any vehicle that is unlicensed, unregistered and/or uninsured is considered a junked motor vehicle by town code definition and not allowed on private property unless it is in an enclosed building (such as a garage). In addition, vehicles under repair in the open for more than 7 days is prohibited. Commercial vehicles parked in residential areas are not allowed unless within an enclosed building.


See §235-104 of Town Code