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Community Development

  • What are building permits required for?
  • Is a permit needed to fence in my property? What do I need to know about fencing my yard?
  • Do I need a permit to build a deck that is not anchored or braced to my house?
  • Is a permit required for a storage shed?
  • Can a homeowner do his/her own plumbing work?
  • Can a homeowner do his/her own electrical work?
  • Does an above ground pool have to be enclosed by a fence?
  • Who is responsible for clearing the fire hydrant?

Code Enforcement

  • What department is responsible for code enforcement?
  • How should I file a complaint?
  • How long do people have to paint their houses?
  • Who is responsible for corrections of code violations, the owner of the premises or the tenant?

Planning and Zoning

  • What are EPODs, and how do I know if my property is located within such areas? Does it take longer to get a building permit if I am in an EPOD?
  • If my property fronts on Irondequoit Bay, or Lake Ontario do I need any additional permits to build a house, additions, deck, or dock? If so, will it take longer to obtain a building permit?
  • My house does not meet current zoning regulations. Can I rebuild if it is demolished or destroyed by floods or a fire?
  • I have a small lot which does not conform to current zoning requirements. Can I still build on it? If so do I need any special approvals?
  • Can I operate a business in my home?

Town Clerk / Receiver of Taxes

  • What is needed to obtain a marriage license?
  • What regulations do I have to follow for posting and distributing bills, notices, and advertising?
  • How do I sign up for Public Input at a Town Board meeting?
  • Is this where you get your handicapped parking permit? How long are they issued for?
  • Is this where you get a permit for a neighborhood block party?
  • Do you issue birth and death records?
  • Who do I call to get a divorce?
  • Where can I find a copy of my divorce papers?
  • Where do I find or file a business license?
  • When and how do I obtain a dog license?
  • What is the regulation for posting a political sign?
  • When are Town and County Taxes due?
  • When are School taxes due?
  • Does the postmark on the envelope determine if the payment is on time?

Department of Public Works

  • Who is responsible for the maintenance of public sidewalks?
  • How do I report a pothole?
  • How do I report a missing street sign or traffic sign?
  • Is recycling really necessary and effective?
  • I have questions on Refuse & Recycling in Irondequoit. Where can I get more info.?
  • Who do I call to pick up a dead animal?
  • What trash haulers operate in Irondequoit?
  • Who picks up brush?
  • When is a street work permit required?
  • Do I need a permit to replace, widen or repave my driveway?
  • Who do I call to report a traffic light malfunction?
  • My sewer is backing up. Can someone help me?

Supervisor's Office

Assessor's Office

  • Who is the Assessor?
  • What does an Assessor do?
  • How is real property assessed?
  • When and how can new homeowners apply for the STAR program?
  • When can I apply for the Enhanced (Senior) STAR program?
  • When is grievance day?
  • Where can I go with questions?
  • When does the Assessment roll come out?
  • Does the Assessor have to be let into your home?

Police Department

  • Where are you located?
  • How can I get a police report for myself?
  • How can a get a police report about someone else?

Parks and Recreation


  • What is the Town’s credit rating?