Neighborhood Enhancement Program

NeighborhoodEnhancement*NEP Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis*

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The Neighborhood Enhancement Program (NEP) is a small grant program that provides funding for local projects aimed at improving Irondequoit's neighborhoods. This successful initiative allows residents to proactively engage with the Town to effect change locally.

“The Neighborhood Enhancement Program has increased civic engagement, serving as a catalyst for the formation of a dozen new neighborhood associations in Irondequoit,” said Supervisor Seeley. “By empowering residents to determine where Town Hall invests tax dollars in our community, we have created a model for citizen governance. I look forward to seeing what new ideas are brought forth.”

The NEP program provides grant funding for projects that aim to both enrich quality of life and boost the identity of Irondequoit’s many neighborhoods. To fund the program, the Town will continue to use the fees collected from various code violations by the former owner of the Irondequoit Mall.

The program has supported an array of projects, all proposed by and completed with the help of Irondequoit residents. Projects completed include:

  • Neighborhood identifying banners along St. Paul Boulevard and Shelford Road.
  • Little libraries in various parts of Town.
  • Beautification efforts throughout Town, such as community gardens.
  • Pedestrian safety enhancements, including signage and crosswalks.
  • New neighborhood identifying street signage.
  • Support for new playground equipment, aligning with the Town’s Capital Improvement Plan.

Applications will be accepted by the Town on a rolling basis, with implementation of each project pending Town approval. More information can be found by contacting the Town at 336-6029 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

The Town continues to encourage the many neighborhood associations to work together to develop applications, and supports neighborhoods submitting joint applications. There is no limit to request for funding, however, residents are reminded that previous projects have ranged from approximately $50 - $1,500.

Town Hall continues to support the various neighborhood associations throughout Town. For more information on existing neighborhood associations or on how to create an association in a neighborhood without one, residents can visit: