Future Irondequoit Community Center

Skyview on the Ridge

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Community Center Exterior



With a total of 4,751 ballots cast in the Community Center Referendum, there were 2,516 YES votes & 2,235 NO votes.

The ballot measure is Approved.

Thank you to all the residents who participated in the vote!

Over the last two decades, various Town administrations have explored community/recreation center concepts, but none moved forward due to concerns over long-term costs. As Irondequoit continues to transform itself into a multi-generational community – one that is attracting younger families while aiming to allow long-time residents the opportunity to age in place – we must always seize opportunities to make our community better. In July, 2019, the people of Irondequoit voted in favor of turning a long-standing vision for a true community recreation center in our Town in to a reality.

A potential public-private partnership at Skyview on the Ridge, the former Irondequoit Mall, presents a unique opportunity to construct a 43,000 square-foot community recreation center in the heart of Irondequoit. In Fall of 2017, at Supervisor Seeley’s request to allow town residents to play a part in the redevelopment of the former mall, its owner generously agreed to donate space in the facility for the Town to redevelop into a community center.

Since then, the Town worked to engage the community of Irondequoit and worked with the facility owner to develop a plan that provides this amenity in a manner that best protects the taxpayer, while also enhancing our quality of life.